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The Best Part


Beth has definitely taken us on an adventure through this book on being an audacious woman! And this last chapter is not excluded from being every bit as awesome.

The title of the chapter is “The Best Part”. It reminds me of the phrase, “the best for last”. More often than not I do save the best things for last.

This chapter is no exception as Beth states that she’s saved her favorite part for this last chapter! Eeek!!

She opens up the chapter talking about passages that really speak God’s greatness to her. She speaks specifically of the passage where Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave. I probably would have reacted the same way as Martha in John 11:39 since Lazarus had been dead for a few.

I’m not sure if y’all have smelled something that’s been dead for a while but it’s definitely worse than that sippy cup of half-drunk milk you found after two weeks in the car!

I’m going to take a second to unpack this verse and how it resonates with me. I feel like we can make an analogy here. Martha is speaking of a physical stench but for me I can see this stench as my past, and the sins/transgressions of my past. I was dead in Him so why would Christ want to bring me back to life and bring the stench with me? But that’s the glory of Christ. He loves us so much that He brings us back from our dead lives. And we are STENCH FREE! He gives us new life, just like He did with Lazarus and we no longer have to bare the stench of our past.

But, I digress…

After Jesus explained to Martha the glory of God she talks about how Jesus was preparing the disciples for life without Him and there are some amazing and profound words spoken in John 14:15-26. This passage really speaks to the LOVE that God has for us, because even as He loves us He had to leave the earth, but thankfully made provision through the Holy Spirit so that we could be taken care of.

What a good, good father He is to provide that for us!

What this chapter really boils down to is that He is always with us. His Holy Spirit can be called upon, we have His word, and we have His presence.

Sometimes it takes us being audacious to live by the Spirit, as Beth says, but if we do, then we are sure to reap the benefits.

Sometimes, after reading audacious moments of others like Beth’s moment where God spoke to her about a certain bus stop and to bring cash, I feel like God would never speak to me like that. But then, thinking now, is it because I haven’t been listening to Him and being audacious to His words?

I have an audacious moment that I love to speak about. When God spoke to me during a Wednesday night service and told me tell a student of mine that I was praying for him.

Y’all. I told God He was crazy! I teach public high school, I can’t just walk up to a kid and tell him I’m praying for him! I could get fired if this kid takes it the wrong way! I couldn’t shake the sense of urgency and the weight of the importance of connecting with that particular kid. But I did y’all. I called him into my office the next day and told him that I wasn’t sure what was going on with him, I didn’t even know if he was a believer, but that I was praying for Him and God was there for him. He began to tear up after (and as you can imagine I was freaking out on the inside, God what had you gotten me into!). The student ended up confiding in me that he had suicidal thoughts and was even placed in care the previous summer for it. The night before, when I was in church, he had strong feelings of suicide again. I thank God for using me and letting that kid know that he wasn’t alone, and that he wasn’t insignificant to God. I ended up purchasing a bible for him and it was the first time he had ever had a bible in his home.

Y’all. Those nudges God gives us are so important to listen to. We just have to be audacious enough to act. We can make a difference even if it’s just a smile at the right time.

I love Beth’s best part at the end of this. We don’t have part of God, we have all of him. To borrow from one of my new favorite worship songs, God doesn’t give Himself in pieces. So why aren’t we giving Him our full selves?

Ladies, get out there and be audacious women of God, knowing that you have the heart of God.


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