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Chapter 8


In this chapter Beth sets us up with a scenario.

What if everyone did what they needed to do?

As a mom I’m like HOLLA!!! Kids would get their shoes on and rears out the door in a timely manner.

As a teacher I’m like HOLLA!!! Students would get their work turned in timely and neatly.

As a wife I’m like HOLLA!! Husbands would do what you asked the first time, or ::GASP:: BEFORE you asked, them to do something.

And as myself, HOLLA!!! I wouldn’t be such a hot mess and actually get things done (i.e. that large pile of laundry that is daring me to do it right now…..).

Throughout the chapter Beth touts the differences of wants versus needs and how, due to our human nature, a lot of times “want trumps need”.

I need to fold those clothes, but I want to read another chapter in my book or play for five more minutes on my iPad.

I need to wake up in the morning earlier than I do, but I want 15 minutes more of sleep.

Sometimes the want is so much more fun than the need.

For myself, reading this chapter really brought home some revelations. I love how Beth pointed out that Jesus didn’t ask the disciples what they needed in John 1:25-39, He asked them what they wanted.

Thankfully they weren’t like me when my husband asks me what I want for dinner. I never know! Anyone in my family or who is close to me can tell you that I am one of the most indecisive people they’ve ever met!

But the disciples knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted to follow Jesus.

God created us to want Him, not to just need Him. If He wanted us to need Him then we’d pretty much be like the angels of heaven who do His bidding without question because of the lack of free will.

But you and I were created with free will. He wants us to come to Him willingly and to want a relationship with Him.

As human beings we all want to be wanted in some way, shape or form. Many times we look to fulfill that calling in different ways such as alcohol, relationships, work, you name it!

But really, that yearning to be wanted comes from our hearts desire to want a relationship with our savior.

Those of us who are Christ followers know we need a Savior, but what if we wanted Him as much as we, or preferably more than, want our health and finances to be up to par or how much we want that promotion.

God is better than those things because they can swiftly be gone while Christ is everlasting.

Do you yearn to be wanted? Do you want to want God with all of your heart?

If you do, He’s waiting for you. Always. I encourage you to speak with a pastor or a friend who you recognize as someone who lives a Christ centered life who can help you with the next steps in your walk of faith.

Once your want of God is met, He will provide everything you need.


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