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A Love for All Loves


One evening, about twelve years ago, there was a moment of about 5 seconds that stands out in my memory and still makes me grin today. A girlfriend and I,…

You Are All My Reasons


For so long I desired so much in my life, I desired unending pure happiness… I desired trust beyond explanation… I desired love that had no boundaries… I desired a…

When an Accident Turns Into an Opportunity


Accident- an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury As a Christ follower, I do not believe that anything happens by accident or coincidence….

Wanting to Be Wanted


Have you ever had the intense urge to be needed, to be wanted? Do you ever long to be a: friend spouse companion beloved daughter mother The list goes on…

Chapter 8


In this chapter Beth sets us up with a scenario. What if everyone did what they needed to do? As a mom I’m like HOLLA!!! Kids would get their shoes…

Gifts of the Spirit


 It’s hard at times to stay focused on the kingdom while we live on this Earth. All around us is crime, divorce, abuse, racism, illness, and addiction. That is just…

Going Under


I struggle to remain calm. I take deep breathes. In and Out! In and Out!  My heart races like I have been in a marathon even though I have not…

Discipline Sucks For A Second


I wonder often if anyone can truly enjoy correction. I’ve caught myself many times asking the Lord to help me be teachable. Honestly, One of my biggest struggles has been…