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About That Tiny Little Adjective


In this chapter, Beth wrote that it was her intent to challenge us as readers with the same challenge that God has used to keep her fully engaged in her…

Living Beyond the Shadow of My Doubt- Ch. 5


As I read this chapter, I underlined many sentences on many of the pages! This chapter is speaking directly to my heart in this very moment. There have been many…

Amazing things can happen when a Godly king is at the helm!


I’ve always loved history-learning about people and places and the times in which they lived. That is one of the reasons that I just love digging into the Word!  The…

Circles are better than rows!


Welcome back, ladies! I sure hope that all of you have had a wonderful summer! I always look forward to our Fall semester of Joli Blog, because with it comes,…

Better in a Cave Than in a Belly


There have been times in my life when I’ve walked through circumstances that were hard and challenging, where I really just wanted sympathy, care, and understanding.  I’ve realized in my…

All the Information You’ll Need to Know in One Post!


It’s that time again! We’re so excited about this new blog semester and this new book. If you haven’t already bought your book, there’s still time. Get this … the…

The Power of Unity


      God gave me this topic a few weeks ago. I toiled with it a little, but I knew that God wanted me to write on the topic…

I snuck a peek.


Yes. Guilty. I started to read our first chapter of One Thousand Gifts. I was immediately blown away by this woman’s writing. A. MAZING. I can’t wait for you to…