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When Doubt Whispers “I Don’t Have Anything Special to Offer”


I really like the opening quote to the chapter. If you don’t remember it here it is…… Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come…

At the Feet of Jesus


It’s 9:30 am. I’m already on my second cup of coffee and I’m seriously contemplating a third. My 4 year old son is rather loudly expressing his frustration with me…

Why Did I Wait So Long?


That’s a question that I’ll forever ask myself. When Paul and I got married we soon realized that we had two VERY different thoughts about how we should handle our…



This should be a no brainer, but as women, many of us are sorely lacking in something we desperately need. Community. Community has three different definitions according to Webster’s Dictionary….

Helpful Hacks


As a mom of two, two and under, I am constantly looking for hacks and organizational ways to make my life easier so that I can spend time with my…

It’s a man’s world.


That’s where I live right now…smack dab in the middle of a man’s world. My second daughter left home about a month or so ago to spread her wings and…



Last week my husband and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. We have had an incredible journey that has been filled with ups and downs of all kinds.  But, with…

The Struggle is Real


No really… the struggle really, really, is real.  I thought the term “mommy guilt” was just an imaginary term coined by working mommas to make others think that they really…