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Our Rings


16 years ago I received my class ring. I didn’t have the ceremony, the big group of people cheering me on, or the best wishes from all of my loved…

When You Think You are JUST a Mom


As most of you know our church just had our annual women’s conference, Joie de Vivre. It was an amazing two days, and if you missed it you should really…

When Doubt Whispers “I Don’t Have Anything Special to Offer”


I really like the opening quote to the chapter. If you don’t remember it here it is…… Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come…

At the Feet of Jesus


It’s 9:30 am. I’m already on my second cup of coffee and I’m seriously contemplating a third. My 4 year old son is rather loudly expressing his frustration with me…



This should be a no brainer, but as women, many of us are sorely lacking in something we desperately need. Community. Community has three different definitions according to Webster’s Dictionary….

Ch.3 – The Royal Family


The royal family, or shall I say, la famille royale. Yes, that sounds great to say in another language, even though being in a royal family would sound good in…

Helpful Hacks


As a mom of two, two and under, I am constantly looking for hacks and organizational ways to make my life easier so that I can spend time with my…

Life’s a Mess


This is my cell phone case. A couple of weeks ago, my little Isaac decided to do “homework” on my phone and write all over it with an ink pen….