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Believing Changes Your Heart


“You can say what you think, but you will live what you believe.”- Unknown (at least to me)

That unknown quote is the first thing that came to mind as I started reading this first chapter of section two. This is such a fitting quote to have on your heart when reading something about changing your heart.

The opening of chapter five gives us the definition of the word faith, which is “to believe in something even when it is unseen or impossible”. That’s a pretty loaded and profound definition, because as humans, we tend to live by the mantra that “seeing is believing”. We tend to put our faith in the seen and the possible, probably to avoid the disappointment we might get from not having things go our way, or the way we think it might or should go. However, when we allow ourselves to have faith and believe in God, we allow him to do the impossible in our lives and open us up to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

I really, really liked the story Debbie shared about doing the high ropes course with her husband. I think even if we ourselves don’t suffer from a fear of heights we can find something relatable in this story. I know there have been plenty of times in my own life when I had to listen to the wisdom and encouragement of others to get through something that I was fearful of.

And isn’t that what God, Himself, does for us daily? He whispers and encourages us through our tough moments, no matter what they are, to help us make it to the other side. Even when we feel a crippling fear of what may or may not happen.

These whispers of encouragement come in various forms, such as that still small voice during meditation or prayer, through His Word, and through the wise counsel of other Christians in our lives.

The next chapter speaks on prayer. I’m not sure about you, but this is an area in my life that, if I am not intentional and disciplined about it, suffers. But I’m so thankful that I am a work in progress. With God’s help and guidance I am making strides in my prayer life.

Prayer is so, so important in our walk and relationship with God. So many only pray when in need or in dire circumstances. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray in those moments, but that those moments shouldn’t be the only time that you do.

I’ve found that in my own life I was using prayer as asking and telling time when really it should be a conversation with God. We should be just as actively listening to Him as we are speaking to Him. He reveals so much to us in those moments when we listen as opposed to talking His ear off about things He already knows.

I also love that prayer doesn’t have to be structured or anything. God just wants to hear from you and to speak with you. If all you have to say is “Lord, help me” He already knows your heart and everything you are going through, He hears you. You don’t have to have a memorized, lengthy prayer. Just believe that He does hear you, He does care for you, and that He wants the best for you.

If you need help praying though, a great way to start is praying the promises of God from the Word, just as Debbie explains that she did in this chapter. Using scripture as a starting point to help you say the things you don’t know how to say is so very helpful.

The title of this next chapter, “Following is Leading”, kind of threw me for a loop.

My first thought as a high school teacher is that following is definitely NOT leading. Ha!

Yet, if you are a follower of the biblical kind, that is a follower to be admired and modeled after!

Being a Christ follower is being a leader and role model for others.

Jesus told each of His disciples to, “Follow me.” and they did so, willingly, and when their time came they were seen as leaders within the Christian faith because of their commitment to follow Jesus.

I want to be like that.

Debbie mentions how hard, and sometimes scary, it is to follow Christ. How it could mean giving up everything. But if we give up something that’s just ok for something so much better….isn’t it worth it?

Debbie relayed the story of Carla, and how Carla was able to step out in faith to follow Christ, even though she was afraid, and how it completely transformed her life. I’ll admit, that story brought me to tears of happiness for Carla and her new life in Christ!

And in the end, we can totally ask others to come with us on this journey of following God and come to the life transforming knowledge of Jesus.


The title of chapter 8 is: “It’s Foolish Not to Be Wise”. Well, no duh right? But how many of us are NOT wise at all. I mean, in some areas sure, I have wisdom galore! But in other areas…not so much, ha!

Y’all, the opening quote kind of lit a fire in me:

It’s never too late to be the person you want to become.

That statement is so profound, and is something most people don’t think is possible. But God, y’all!

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from the Word. We just have to be willing to seek it and to put our misconceptions aside.

I tell my students all of the time that common sense isn’t so common, and neither is wisdom! Take time daily to seek out wisdom and apply it to your life.

So ladies, how are you going to have more faith? Pray, lead and become wiser?

I’m definitely going to be more intentional with my prayers and running to the Word first before running my mouth.

If you have any questions on how to do any of those, I encourage you to reach out to your local church, or even here! We would sure love the chance to connect with you and help you on your way to having a relationship with Christ!


*Join us in two weeks as we discuss Section 3 of “She Believes”*

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