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Noel LaBowe

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Wanting to Be Wanted


Have you ever had the intense urge to be needed, to be wanted? Do you ever long to be a: friend spouse companion beloved daughter mother The list goes on…

Chapter 8


In this chapter Beth sets us up with a scenario. What if everyone did what they needed to do? As a mom I’m like HOLLA!!! Kids would get their shoes…

Gifts of the Spirit


 It’s hard at times to stay focused on the kingdom while we live on this Earth. All around us is crime, divorce, abuse, racism, illness, and addiction. That is just…

Going Under


I struggle to remain calm. I take deep breathes. In and Out! In and Out!  My heart races like I have been in a marathon even though I have not…

Discipline Sucks For A Second


I wonder often if anyone can truly enjoy correction. I’ve caught myself many times asking the Lord to help me be teachable. Honestly, One of my biggest struggles has been…

The Verve of the Humble Adventure


Verve. Do you have verve? I wasn’t even sure it was something to be desired before I read about it in this book. It kind of sounds like a condition…

We Don’t Play, We Pray


I must be honest as I begin this blog. I have been sitting at the laptop for hours. I had it on my heart to write a blog about friendship,…

The First Audacious Move


Audacious: intrepidly daring, adventurous, bold, marked by originality and verve. Right out of the gate, Beth challenges our perception of Jesus’ love for us, “Do you believe with unrelenting conviction…