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At the Feet of Jesus



It’s 9:30 am.

I’m already on my second cup of coffee and I’m seriously contemplating a third. My 4 year old son is rather loudly expressing his frustration with me because I will not make his lunch! Did I fail to mention he has only been awake an hour and a half and has already had breakfast and a snack?

As I break away from homeschooling my 6 year old daughter to prepare him yet another snack, the baby wakes up from what should have been a 2 hour nap that only lasted 25 minutes! By the time I make it back to the table to finish school with my daughter she has disappeared. I find her in my bedroom wearing one of my dresses, stumbling about in a pair of my favorite high heels, complete with makeup and jewelry, holding a microphone in front of 2 rows of stuffed animals and super heroes. Immediately, my presence is requested front and center, because I am not merely attending the show, I am actually the supporting actress in this grand production.

Reluctantly, I welcome the break amidst my rigid schedule of to do’s. I somehow survive the play, and attempt to get my daughter back on track with her arithmetic. Then out of nowhere, my husband emerges from the bedroom, headphones blaring, excitedly shouting over the loud music (that only he can hear), “Baby, just wait til you hear this new song I’m working on!”

And this, my friends, is a typical Friday morning for the Brewington’s.

However, no matter how crazy things are around the house, there is always one constant. Regardless of whatever may be going on, my 10-month old son, Lion, always wants to be on my hip or at my feet. From time to time, he may grow curious to see what his older siblings are doing, or want to play with daddy, but he never wants to lose sight of me. He finds comfort in just knowing I am near him.

The other day while I was attempting to blow dry my hair, he was standing at my feet with his arms wrapped around my legs, holding on for dear life, agitated by the heat of the blow dryer, but not even caring because he was with me.

In that moment I thought,  “Why am I not more like my son?”

I get so easily distracted with the homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and shuffling kids from soccer practice to dance classes. I’m barely holding it all together because honestly, I wear too many hats and I am not good at asking for help because in my mind this is my attempt to be the best wife and mom I can be. I often forget who I really am and what is really important. I work hard because I want to please my family!

Ladies, we are more than moms  and wives. We are more than students and employees! We are daughters of the King, the Most High and get this, HE delights in US!

Psalm 45:10-11 (Msg) says

“Now listen, daughter, don’t miss a word: forget your country, put your home behind you. Be here-the King is wild for you. “

The Creator of the universe is wild for you!

Most of us are familiar with the story of the sisters Mary and Martha, found in Luke 10:38-42. I’m going to summarize it really quickly. Jesus went to their house for dinner. Martha was busy with the hospitality: cleaning, cooking, preparing the table. While Mary, just sat at Jesus’ feet. Martha was upset she was doing the work all alone and Jesus told her,  “Mary has chosen what is better”

Lots of times, we have this idea that Martha is the “bad” one and made all the wrong choices. I believe everything Martha was doing was with good intentions. Martha just wanted to be the best host and prepare the best meal.

Does this sound familiar?

It definitely hits home with me!

I would love to say that I just stop everything and always find time to sit at Jesus’ feet, but unfortunately, I do not. I am very distracted with my schedule and life. And honestly, I tend to be more like Martha. Jesus wants us to know even though we have good intentions, even though everything we are doing is for other people, even though we are not doing a thing wrong, there is a better option that cannot be taken away. Our father delights in us and He doesn’t need our works. He wants our time and affection!

He wants us to spend time with Him!

So, I think I will leave my husband in the living room to juggle the kids, give in and pour that third cup of coffee that I deserve and hide in my closet with Jesus and a cupcake.





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