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About That Tiny Little Adjective


In this chapter, Beth wrote that it was her intent to challenge us as readers with the same challenge that God has used to keep her fully engaged in her relationship with Him and consistent in maintaining a lifelong vision statement. If you look at her track record you will see that she has not wavered one bit in her ministry. The bible studies she writes get deeper and more profound over the years, and her books continue to impact the lives of countless women all over the world.

As she explains it, it is audacious love for Jesus that keeps her going. Her audacious love manifests itself in the service she provides to Jesus, which is ministering to women, and in her desire to see ALL women come to know Christ.

Her plea is to awaken the dreamer within each of us. She did write in the first chapter that she would pose these two questions to us before the end of the book.

What is your dream? What is your vision for the future?

I found it interesting that she did not ask us to answer the questions before moving on to the next chapter. Her vision statement alone inspired me enough to begin to draft my own vision statement. I wonder if any of you did the same thing.

I took the following definition from an unknown source in a Google search for “vision statement”. “A one sentence statement describing the clear and inspirational long term desired change resulting from one’s work.” Another Google search result reads something similar to this, “A road map, indicating both what you want to become and guiding transformational initiatives by setting a defined direction for growth.”

After reading the account of Beth Moore’s vision and looking at the fruit of her life-long ministry, I cannot believe I have lived life this long without having a vision statement of my own, a road map to guide me and set a defined direction for my own personal growth and the growth of my personal ministry.

In this chapter, I now see that Beth intends to light a flame within each of us before asking us to draft an answer to those two questions. She writes, “…the life you were born to live is wrapped up in Him.” In Jesus. Jesus said in John 4:10 that if we only knew the gift God has for us, we would ask Him and He would give us living water. It is this living water that Beth is alluding to in this chapter and in this book. This living water is the only satisfier of our souls. She writes, “He has come looking for you. And somewhere deep inside of you is a girl looking for Him.” That girl is the dreamer. It is that girl who will develop a new life vision. I invite Beth to light a new flame within me, especially if it will help me to live a more fruitful life. How about you? Are you as inspired as I am to develop a new life vision and start dreaming again? Please leave your feedback in the comments.

*Join us back here next Friday for a discussion of Chapter 3!



  • Lucy robin  –  September 3, 2017 at 09:50pm  –  Reply →


  • LInda Fontenot  –  September 5, 2017 at 10:09pm  –  Reply →

    Hi Courtney!! I love your explanation of a mission statement. It mentioned “one’s work “. Beth also mentioned ” I wanted a vision for the rest of my labor” As I read my chapter, I thought of my vision. And that is to see women of all ages connect in a loving way. And like Beth said come to know and love Jesus. Some places I have seen such a gap between women of all ages — including believers. Then I think about the scripture: the harvest is plenty but the labors are few. Next, I have to search my heart, and ask myself: Do I audaciously love Jesus Christ? If so? Am I Pursuing my vision? “Am i laboring”. That is why I am enjoy the small groups it helps us to connect!!
    Your post has really helped me.

    • Courtney Tucker  –  September 10, 2017 at 07:27am  –  Reply →

      Hi, Mrs. Linda! I love your vision and your idea of connecting. Reading your comment reminds me of Titus 2:3-5, that basically says women of different ages should fellowship together, as the older women have much to teach the younger women. We all need mentors and to be able to glean from those who have gone before us.

      We do need to connect more! Thank you so much for your vision, and for commenting!

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